Deafheaven Poster

I was asked by Dallas' Parade of Flesh to make a show poster for Deafheaven's stop in Dallas with Marriages back in June. This was my first real show poster as I had never made anything to be printed for a show so far.

I had artistic freedom so I decided on a subject, did some research and started on an illustration. The illustration is black ink on bristol paper finished with digital color and type.

The final printed piece is a 13x19" Giclee print in an edition of 50 that was available at the show. Leftovers will be online for sale soon.

I was asked by Visions magazine of Germany if they could feature this poster in their magazine as they were running an article on Deafheaven's new album, Sunbather, and I of course said yes. They ended up featuring it as a full size poster, free to their subscribers with issue 244.

Finished poster, close-ups and progress animation below:
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